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  • The stress of exams often exacerbates breakouts in acne prone skin or flares inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Use a simple regime of yoyo facewash and muslin cloth (coming Autumn 2014) followed by yoyo daycream on areas that feel dry or tight. (However, do not apply moisturiser to areas of broken out skin.) yoyo facewash and muslin cloth enable the gentle cleaning and removal of excess oils without harmful stripping and yoyo daycream provides comfort and nourishment.
  • No. Daycreams and moisturisers are usually created for differing skin types. yoyo daycream is good for young skin because it comforts and nourishes without any of the added ingredients that older skin may need to remain supple and youthful. Young skin can be prone to eruptions and yoyo daycream helps the skin layers to stay hydrated without becoming oily. It also contains skin-identical ingredients which add vitamins to help keep your skin healthy. Internally or externally, vitamins are good.
  • Outdoor sports really take their toll on your hands in the winter months. The combination of wet or damp conditions, along with low temperatures and a windswept environment is almost guaranteed to temporarily affect the skin. (Worth it though, if you are having fun!) Keep your hands dry as far as possible and apply handcream morning and night - it will vastly increase the skin's defences and repairing abilities.